Extruded Copper Shapes

Chicago Extruded Metals

Chicago Extruded Metals Company (CXM) has defined the quality standard for extruded brass rod, bar and wire and has evolved to become the leading manufacturer of extruded brass shapes. CXM supports its Customers with 24 Hour response to quotations, design and technical assistance. Long-term relationships result from proactive support, reliable delivery and competitive pricing. At CXM, we strive to work as a partner with our Customers by providing quality, service and solutions every day.

State - of - the - Art - Technology

CXM employs horizontal continuous casting coupled with indirect extrusion - recognized within the industry as the optimum method for manufacturing defect-free extrusions. Our in-house die and tooling capabilities combine CAD/CAM with Wire EDM providing fast turnaround of design and prototype development. In addition to free cutting brass, CXM casts leaded and naval brasses in the C30000 and C40000 series. Customized or "enhanced application" alloys are available for specific Customer needs - including severe thread-rolling, deep-drilling or other processes.

The CXM Quality Commitment

Our quality initiatives focus on prevention rather than correction. We employ team-based problem solving techniques to support our commitment to continuous improvement. A complete laboratory supports CXM's manufacturing process and Customer certification requirements. CXM brass meets or exceeds recognized industry standards. CXM offers stability and access to management that is unique to our industry.

Manufacturing Process

Chicago Extruded Metals Company (CXM) occupies a 200,000 square foot, state-of-the-art casting and extrusion facility in Cicero, Illinois. For over 75 years, CXM has remained true to its philosophy of being Customer responsive. Our fully integrated brass mill remains flexible to cast, extrude and finish a wide variety of specialty shapes and customized rod products, including small volume production runs. Quality and service have always taken priority over quantity.

Flexible Production Process

CXM begins the manufacturing process with Customer produced turnings or chips (see flowchart below). Our raw material inventory of both recycled and virgin metals are processed in quantities large enough to ensure flexibility in meeting changing Customer requirements. Cast billets are subjected to spectroscopy and atomic absorption spectrophotometer testing during the melt and after solidification to certify chemistries and as-cast properties. Next, indirect extrusion produces defect-free material in coil or length forms. The extruded material is then pickled to prepare the surface for cold-working. Pulling the extruded product through a cold-draw, or finishing die reduces the cross-section to obtain precise geometric tolerences, while enhancing features and properties. Surface quality, straightness, machinability and mechanical properties are improved or increased. Straightening, annealing and multiple reductions are typical steps to meet specific Customer requirements. Sawing bars to specific lengths and cutting coils to weight. Packaging and lab certification or documentation complete the manufacturing process. Shipping prepares all materials for damage-free delivery.


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