Extruded Brass Shapes

Chicago Extruded Metals Company continues to focus resources on serving Customers that require precision parts who can utilize near-net shapes for machining operations.

As the leading manufacturer of extruded brass shapes, CXM provides unique capabilities in designing solutions that out perform forgings, castings, powdered metal and other materials. CXM shapes deliver value by eliminating machining operations, while reducing inventory and handling costs.

Design Considerations

CXM does not publish tolerences recognizing that while limitations exist, we are in the business of finding solutions to your manufacturing needs. Opportunities for extruded brass shapes are limited only by alloy selection (see alloy selection bulletin), and extruded cross-sections that fit within a 4" circle.

Hollow and semi-hollow materials cannot be manufactured. All critical requirements should be discussed with our engineering and die design specialists to determine the most practical solution to your specific application.

Getting Started

Send us your prints, sketches or sample parts. CXM can usually complete your quotation request in 24 hours or sooner if necessary. Costs for extruded shapes are based on order and annual volume, intricacy of design, dimensions, tolerances, alloy and manufacturing requirements.

Allow our dedicated shape specialists to demonstrate that We Care!

Typical Shape Applications

  • Lock parts
  • Automotive parts
  • Industrial valves & fittings
  • Electrical/electronic components
  • Medical parts
  • Building, architectural products
  • Special fasteners
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Musical instruments