Extruded Copper Shapes

Copper-Aluminum (Aluminum Bronze) Alloys

The highest strength of any standard copper-based alloy.

Aluminum bronze alloys are valued for excellent tensile strength, Brinell hardness and yield strength. Besides exceptional resistance to salt water corrosion, these bronzes are tarnish resistant and exhibit low oxidation rates at high temperature. They feature minimum reactivity with sulphurous compounds and dilute acids, as well as with combustion gases. Non-sparking aluminum bronzes are also biostatic.

CXM is a fully integrated brass and bronze mill – casting, extruding and finishing both standard and exclusive custom alloys. Now a true domestic aluminum bronze supplier, CXM offers engineered solutions for every need, from standard rods and materials to custom alloys and shapes.

C62300 (Aluminum Bronze)

C62300 is an aluminum bronze that’s a popular choice for applications where high strength and durability are key ... [more]

C62400 (Aluminum Bronze)

C62400 is an antimicrobial aluminum bronze that’s rated as excellent for hot forming ... [more]

C62500 (Aluminum Bronze)

C62500 is an aluminum bronze alloy with high enough strength that it is suitable for applications requiring ... [more]

C63000 (Aluminum Bronze)

C63000 is an aluminum bronze alloy that is valued for it’s high strength and corrosion resistance. By adding ... [more]

C64200 (Aluminum Bronze)

C64200 is an antimicrobial aluminum bronze that’s rated as excellent for hot forming. As with other aluminum bronze alloys, ... [more]